Animation features my Spitfire, a .21 Proto defending The Tower Bridge against invading Heinkel He111, a stunt ship. Sound wav file will download automaticly
my name is Wayne Trivin.
Since 2-6-00
til 1-20-05, RIP
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It's only a secret if people are not willing to share the information.This site is for sharing some of my ideas for controlline model airplanes and hopefully, will answer the question, for some on,'how do they do that'.
New, as of 6-15-03
A trip to a wonderful country to do some flying and sightseeing. This is a must do type of event for a summer vacation that Julio Isidro hosts every year.
Here's a vintage 1/2A TR I've built to compete with in Europe
This site will show some the devices I've come up with
On this page you can view the 1/2A engines I've built.
This site will show you how I go about making one of my bar-stock engine cases. I will go through each setup from start to finish and list the tools  needed to accomplish the task. I won't spell out each process to the letter and no programs.
Photos of the entrys at the 2001 NATS plus, 2000 NATS
After the 2000 Nats we traveled to Anderson to watch the tether cars, some cool pictures here.
I've just started a 1/2A stunt ship based on the popular design by Randy Smith, it's 53% of the original size with one of my engines on full pipe! Is this sick or what!
Let's see how simple I can make it, without the use of vacuum bagging and other hi-tech building techniques
Here, I've constructed a "B" team racer for the 2001 Nats
This popular N.W. event has gained popularity.  Simple racing to see who can cover the most amount of ground in 15 minutes. Combines a careful balance of speed and fuel economy using the  'Flying Clown' with a 1 oz tank built from one of three available plans and any engine up to .19 cu. on 10% nitro, diesels allowed.  
I've built a Tim Gillot Shoestring Goodyear racer, and I figured I'd show you the way I have approached the project.
Learn what it takes to build a carbon fiber tank for stunt. I'll be building a 6 oz version for a typical sixty size ship that will knock off 1 1/4 oz of dead weight.
This site will take you through my procedure to build molds so you can make your own composite props.
I'll show you how to convert a VA into a reed valve engine for use in Mouse I
Here's a new design concept for reed valve engines, taken from current motorcycle technolgy
Check out this neat machining process that opens up all kinds of possibilities  for the engine builder.
These sites below show off some more of my airplanes.
Here's a couple of links to explore