Tangerine Cash Bash
Jan. 1, 2001
Texas Quickie
Wayne Trivin 6:23.85
Gabe Manfredi 6:32.50
Dave Hallas 7:40.90

Fox Racing
Gabe Manfredi 6:11.97
Ralph Aaberg 7:40.98
Byron Bednar 10:00.00
Clown Racing
Ralph Aaberg 240 laps
Edward Gifford 229
Bob Whitney 120

Mouse I
Gabe Manfredi 6:28.64
Ralph Aaberg 7:20.69
Dave Hallas DNF
Here are our October 7-8, 2000 contest results and pictures.  
Mouse I
1st Wayne Trivin 4:30.85
2nd Gabe Manfredi 5:12.47
3rd Vic Garner 5:44.47
6 entries

Mouse II
1st Wayne Trivin 7:44
2nd Vic Garner 7:50.99
3rd Gabe Manfredi 8:38.53
5 entries

Florida Slow
1st Gabe Manfredi 7:42
2nd Bob Whitney 8:02
3rd Dave Hallas DNF
3 entries

Texas Quickie Rat
1st Gabe Manfredi 6:50.95
2nd Vic Garner 7:04.28
3rd Wayne Trivin 7:07.88
7 entries

Clown Racing
1st Dave Hallas 249 laps
2nd Rick Osborn 242 laps
3rd Bob Whitney DNF
7 entries

Fox Racing
1st Gabe Manfredi 6:16.77
2nd Wayne Trivin 6:29.86
3rd Dave Hallas 7:07.72
7 entries

Slow Rat and Scale Racing were not flown

Fox Racing pilots meeting, Vic Garner handed out complimentary APC props
Dave Hallas and Rick Osborn
Dick Lambert and Vic Garner
Wayne Trivin with Fox Racer
Ralph and Pat Aaberg
Bob Whitney with Fox Racer