Tangerine Cash Bash
December 30-31, 2000
  Santo Rizzotto always puts on a class show but this year, the cold wheather came down with some northern flyers and kept alot of us hibernateing in Tom Zon's motor home for must of Saturday ( thank you very much Tom ). A couple of flights were put up Saturday afternoon with most  posting  times on Sunday however on Monday, the wheather was nice for the racing part, Fox, Clown, TQ, and Mouse I.  
1/2A Speed
Wayne Trivin 114.82

A Speed
No Entries

B Speed
Gordon Kent 151.2
Gleen Lee 148.7

D Speed
Ned Morris 196.84
Gordon Kent 168.00
Santo Rizzotto 116.61

Jet Speed
Gordon Kent 170.87
Joanne Pitkin 170.39
Bill Capinjola 166.45

Formula 40
Glenn Lee 160.94
Wayne Trivin 147.85

21 Proto
Glenn Lee 139.26
Bob Whitney 136.84

21 Sport Speed
Glenn Lee 138.94
Gordon Kent 136.72

Texas Quickie
Wayne Trivin 6:23.85
Gabe Manfredi 6:32.50
Dave Hallas 7:40.90

Fox Racing
Gabe Manfredi 6:11.97
Ralph Aaberg 7:40.98
Byon Bednar 10:00.00

Clown Racing
Ralph Aaberg 240 laps
Edward Gilford 229 laps
Bob Whitney 120 laps

Mouse I
Gabe Manfredi 6:28.64
Ralph Aaberg 7:20.69
Dave Hallas DNF
Gordon Kent puts the air to his Jet
AT Wright lights off Glenn Lee's 21 Sport Speed
Bob Whitney lets Glenn Lee's B Speed go
Neddie shows us how it's done in D Speed
Bob Whitney clowns around with Dave Hallas Mouse racer hosting a VA conversion, what a ham!
Give me a gun, I can get 'em with on shot
The horror as Al Stegen's Fox Racer heads for the pavement
Gabe Manfredi pits his Mouse I