The fourth annual Tangerine Cash Bash was meet with great weather and a good crowd for two days of speed and the third, for racing. A transplant from Spain, Alberto Caballero joined the Florida crowd for some speed flying and, NCLRA president Dave McDonald decided the northern weather wasn't to his liking and teamed up with Dick Lambert to do some racing. Even Neddie decided to make an appearance and tried show us how to go fast in D speed but, got smoked by the Florida boys. Santo Rizzotto CD'd this event and a good time was had by all who attented. Put this one on your calender for next year, yahear.
1/2A speed
1st Wayne Trivin 123.39

1/2A Proto
1st Wayne Trivin 101.58
2nd Bob Whitney 99.35
3rd Ralph Aaberg 89.38

A Speed
No Entries

B Speed
1st Santo Rizzotto 162.24
2nd Gordon Kent 132.85

D Speed
1st Santo Rizzotto 182.48
2nd Gordon Kent 180.11
3rd Ned Morris 179.98

 Jet Speed
1st Bill  Capinjola 171.85
New National Record
2nd Gordon Kent 169.90
3rd Dave Cotton 156.59

Formula 40
1st Alberto Caballero 153.96
2nd Wayne Trivin 150.09

21 Sport Speed
1st Butch Andrews 146.05
2nd Alberto Caballero 135.28
3rd Gordon Kent 128.83

21 Proto
1st Bob Whitney 134.2
2nd Wayne Trivin 122.11

FAI Speed
1st Jim Rhoades 159.9
2nd Alberto Caballero Att.

Gordon Kent on the pylon
"Jet" Bill fires off a torch on a string
Ned and Joe Morris unleashing a mighty D
Fox Racing
1st Ron McNiff 6:20.58
2nd Bob Whitney 6:44.89
3rd Wayne Trivin DNF

Clown Racing
1st Bob Whitney 280 laps
2nd Ralph Aaberg 277 laps
3rd Gabe Manfredi 206 laps

Quickie Rat
1st Dave McDonald 6:33.24
2nd Wayne Trivin 6:46.69
3rd Ron McNiff 7:15.31
Jim Rhoades drove from Utah to visit his parents in El Paso, he figured he was a third of the way to Florida so, just kept on going.