On the left is Martin Worgan making a catch to pit his British Goodyear entry and to the right is John Mealing with his. Below right is Dave Walick catching his Nationale entry and on the right below is Epp Buys pitting Julio's British Goodyear entry
Above left are Julio, Rodger Reece, and Dave McDonald during a Fox heat race. Above right is Dennis Ward pitting Julio's Fox. On the left are some of the Vintage R/C entries.  
  Above are the competitors getting ready for a heat race in Mini Goodyear. On the right is Mr. McD pitting Steve Wilk's entry and on the left, Steve having fun. The carpet made it alittle easier to fly on center but, that stake holding it down, proved to be a tough obstical to overcome.
  I took over the pitting duties for Steve's next heat race and with a solo run, Steve managed the second fastest heat time.