On the grass field, Mick Taylor cleaned up in stunt with 1st place in Open, Cassic, and Old Time. Combining with a 1st in 2.5 Phantom Speed, he received the George Aldrich Memorial Trophy, a perpetual award dedicated to a great modeler, for the person who placed the highest wins in four events.
  The Tournament of the Millenium is probably one of the best contests that I've ever been to, well organized, fierce competition, and a bunch of great people make it a yearly pilgrimage for myself and others. Put this one on your calender for next year, you won't be sorry.
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Pat Matson pitting his Fox Racer
Dave Mcdonald, Rodger Reese and Abel Coelho battling it out in Fox racing
Julio Isidro, Martin Daglish and Len Morral during the British G.Y. final
Evora Adventure
  After the contest America was dealt an horrific blow by terrorists that caused alot of grief for our country and fellow competitors, we had some of the group in route during the attack and luckly, we found out that they were safely diverted to Bermuda. I was unable the get a flight out for a week after and spent the time with my gracious host Julio Isidro, and had an opportunity to go to Evora, for an air show and some site seeing.
  Evora is a city in the southeastern part of Portugal located inside the walls of a castle. Norrow streets wind through the town filled with shops and awsume restaurants. The dinners I experianced in Portugal were amazed in taste and price, an adverage price per person is about $10 with drinks.
  To the far left is the Diana Temple built in the 1st century A.D. On the left shows one of the norrow streets in the cty, and above is the of the many churchs that are found throughout the country.
The Portugal Airshow
  The airshow was great, it's not an Oshkosh but cool anyway, I'm doing just pictures here, I hope you enjoy.