I was headed to Portugal for a contest and decided to build a vintage TR to compete against the Brits with but I had limited time, I needed something small to put together in two and a half weeks. I contacted John Hallowell in Australia and he kindly sent me plans for a Thunder Thrush, a 1/2A ( .09 by English standards ) scaled down from a BTR. I contacted MVVS of American a acquired one of their engines that was eligible for the event.
  Building was pretty straight forward, and was framed up and ready for painting in one week. Rules call out for a 10 cc tank and optional fuel shutoff which were made while I waited for the paint to dry. I had to make a plug to mold a canopy since I found none on the market that looked right.
  I used a traditional dope finish with three coats of nitrate to begin with, a layer of light silkspan followed by three more coats of nitrate, shot my white color,  black numbers and, flame job, added some decals I had made up and finished it off with Dupont 580S clear.
  Some other legalaties are the scale pilot and 1.5" wheels needed, my choice was a 1" or 1/12th scale Williams Brothers pilot and some Glen Lee orange wheels.
  Craming the engine, tank, and shutoff where a chore, ain't much room in there but, I managed. An overflow pinchoff was routed to the venturi for a prime and a screen was added over it to catch a few drops of the excess overflow, which helps in restarting.
  The MVVS is not the prefered engine but the only one I could get in the time lotted. I built a push/pull head and a new rod for it and left the rest stock since, I knew nothing about setting a diesel up. After the contest I was looking through some International Modeler magazines and found an artical on hopping one of these engines up and will do it up for next years trip.
  The prop of choice by the Brits is a  6x6 Graupner Cam Speed Prop intended for electrics and as for fuel a 15% oil diesel blend. When properly tuned, these little devils match the rotational speed of an fast Mouse racer and on 42' lines, with three up racing, it's a blast.
  I'll only fly this plane once a year at a contest since we don't race these events in our country but, if you have the time, build one, it's a neat event and go on over to Europe or down under and have some fun.