Julio Isidro, Dennis Ward, Bob Whitney, David Betz, and John Jones
David Betz's "Good News" with Fox 29 took second place with 11:59.28
1st Place, Bob Whitney's original Tropic Aero using an OS 25 with a winning time of 8:11.53
John Jones received the $100 concours purse donated by Dave Platt, the "Double Duce" was powered by an ETA 29
3rd place finisher with 59 laps was Julio Isidro using an Enya 29
Paul Haley used a "Lil Mike" with an ETA 29, he was DQ'd because of excessive airspeed
"Dude" by Thomas Wilks with MVVS 25 for power
Dennis Ward came over from England to fly his original design with a highly modified Enya 35 case and his guts
Phil Sam's "Deb It"