To the left is Dennis Ward catching his A Vintage Team Race entry. He also received the Dick Edmonds Trophy for doing a "hat trick" in vintage racing by winning 1/2A, A and, B Team Race.
 Above is Gordon Yeldham missing the catch on his A Team Race entry
  The 3rd Tournament of the New Millenium had the participation of 84 aeromodellers from Portugal, Spain, England, USA, Ireland, Finland, Italy and Moldavia. Number of entries was 236, beating the record of 195 from last year.
  Specials awards: Stunt, The George Aldrich Trophy-
                                  Mick Taylor of England
                                 Racing, The Dick Edmonds Trophy-
                                  Dennis Ward of England
                                 Speed, Harold de Bolt Trophy-
                                  Salvi Angeloni of Italy

John pitting Juilio's A Team Race entry
On the right is the always colorful ( in more ways than one ) Dave Rudd who, expertly CD'd the contest, thanks Dave. Below is Ashly Wilk flying her 1/2A Proto handicap speed entry in her first contest, with the help of her dad.
  Above is one of the Phantom entries, an old Phil Kraft design, this type of racing is very popular with the English.
  To the left is a Mile Master B proto from the '50's designed by Larry Grogan which captured first place in the Vintage Handicap Speed event using a Dooling .29.