The 2002 Tournament of the New Millenium was a rousing success. Julio didn't pull any punches and rolled out the red carpet treatment and welcomed 84 competetors, from eight different countries to Portugal for a great time and friece competition for three days in his marvalous country.
  I had arrived a day later than most and was greeted at the airport and takened directly to the Cintra Brewery where, the group was on a tour of this new facility. After the tour we were treated to a wonderful lunch, ( photo below on the left ) complements of the brewery owner Mr. Jose Cintra, which featured lobster as the first course and other dishes of the local culinary delights and, free beer. In fact, Cintra and Coke had a provillion set up at the flying site to provide all the competitors with free livations throughout the contest.
  Below is a picture of the Cnema National Center of Exhibitions overlooking the grass field used for stunt, combat, R/C, and Mini Goodyear. The racing and speed was held on two tarmac circles on the upper right, out of view.  
  To the right is a picture of the Friday evening banquet offered by Mr. Jose Casqueiro, chairman of the Cnema, held at the Cienna's facilities with all of the competitors, this gives everyone a chance to catch up with with old friends and, make some new ones. Below are the chefs preparing the evening meal, a roasted side of beef cooked over an open fire.
  To the right is a pic of Christine Baars and Eep Buys, Christine was the timing offical during the contest and did a great job persuading the contestants to time heats.  The weather was great for the first two days then, the showers came on finals day so we made a move into one the Cienna's exibition halls to try to finish up some heats while the weather cleared, and that was an awsume experience.
  On the right is the madhouse, registration area which was handled by Sandra Isidro, Julio's wonderful  wife and with the help of Dave McDonald.
Some of the competitors hanging out, the drape partitions are areas where the modelers can store their equipment on site
Dick Hart working on his Mini Goodyear
Steve Wilk's, Eliminator Props display