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Technical Topics

Here is a collection of articles that have appeared in the Torque Roll and elsewhere that contain valuable information for folks that want to race. If you have an article to contribute, please prepare it and send via e-mail to the . It will be reviewed and added if deemed useful and appropriate.

F2CN Shutoff by Dave Hull Prop Trimming Jig by Bill Lee

Wayne Trivin was an absolute genius! He never hesitated to try and do anything, and always made it right. Wayne created a website where he wrote up a jillion different things, and when, sadly, Wayne died in 2005, NCLRA captured his site and has (and will!) preserve it. Here are some direct links to Wayne's write-ups, or you can visit his main page here.

Chroming F2C Project Fuel Shutoffs
1/2A Engines Built How to build a 1/2A Engine Building an F2CN
Building a B-TR A Clown Racer Building a Goodyear
Making a Prop Mold Balancing a 1/2A Prop Converting an Engine to Reed Valve

Gibeault Mouse Primer - 2016 edition by Paul Gibeault

Basics of Uniflow by Bill Lee

B-TR Tank Design by John Hallowell, Australia

Wing Press by Don Burke

Pitch Gauge by John Kilsdonk

Making Head Shims by Russ Green

Where Does The NV Hole Go? by Bill Lee

Profile model fuel shut-off by Stu Willoughby